Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three Weeks

A little more than three weeks in and I still feel much better than before I resumed the Paleo fitness program. I hit a plateau this week as I lapsed in the fasting and exercise schedule, ate too many calories (nervous eating when I wasn't actually hungry), and perhaps ate too much fruit.

Exercise: I had planned to get more exercise doing yard work. However, we got some rain and I kept telling myself I'd do the work the next day. Things still haven't dried out, so I decided to get off my lazy butt and do a workout inside. I didn't fast until yesterday, when I skipped lunch. After that I used my son's new exercise equipment, a Gold's Gym short series resistance tube kit. (Here is the long series one, which is similar.) I got about 25 minutes into the DVD. Once I hit the squat thrust section, I called it a day. Yeah, I got wimpy not exercising for a year. The good thing is that I have almost no soreness today. I'll have to step it up next time.

I also have an Iron Gym workout bar that fits in the door frame for pull-ups, a couple kettle bells (4kg and 8kg), a lunge bar, and a big Labrador Retriever who loves to play tug-of-war, for working out at home.

Fasting: I only fasted once the past week, and only skipping one meal. Sometimes it's hard to synchronize meal planning with the family, grocery shopping, and fasting. I hate wasting good food by letting leftovers or uncooked food stay in the refrigerator too long*. I'm going to have to apply some scheduling and planning discipline to get back into the rhythm.

Food: I'm about 95% sticking to the Lacto-Paleo set of foods. However, the amount I'm eating is too much and unbalanced (too much fruit, which I eat to satisfy cravings for sweets).

Cheats: I tried hummus for the first time. Twice I ate it on crackers. I had a little bleu cheese dressing which was mostly soybean oil. Maybe a few small squares of chocolate. Not too bad.

I dipped down about 4-5 pounds since last week, but immediately went back up. After fasting and exercising yesterday, I went back down this morning. But I'm going to have to push harder (cut back on calories, fast and exercise more often) to speed up the weight loss.

This is a problem for me that I think I've been overlooking. I often get less than six hours a night, which I've read may hinder weight loss and fitness.

* I've learned the hard way not to take chances with leftovers. With the exception of a few things like cured bacon, I throw away anything I cooked more than three days prior—cooked eggs at most two days. I more readily toss out jars and cans past their expiration date. I once got violently ill from some sauerkraut because some of the cabbage was above the top of the liquid for days or weeks, giving it time to grow something nasty.

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