Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'm a 39-year-old man tired of being overweight, with all of the discomfort and health problems that entails. I am pursuing a nutrition plan inspired by others who describe their diets as "Evolutionary" and "Paleo". Broadly, this means that, as much as possible, I am eating whole foods, without any grains, processed food, or "diet" drinks. I am including intermittent fasting, and my exercise workouts are designed to build muscle mass.

Richard Nikoley's Free the Animal website has been my primary source and inspiration. I've been reading him for years, before he got into fitness. I was a little put off at first that his political and social commentaries were on the wane, but after seeing his results and knowing I needed to change my ways to be healthy, I decided to follow his example. Initial results are promising. Unlike past diets, where I relied on willpower to deal with limiting calories, now I allow myself to eat as much as I feel like, but only whole foods. I was able to lose 45 lbs. in 2006, which required a lot of willpower. I eventually fell into old habits and slowly gained it all back, but I expect that I won't have to struggle as much, if I have the option to "binge" on healthy foods.

I will probably not be updating this website on a timely basis. I expect to have occasional flurries of recipes and food pics, results, and the like.

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